Rivion has been welcomed into the Green Masters Program as part of the Professional, Scientific, and Technical sector. The Green Masters Program is an assessment program available to Wisconsin businesses focusing on sustainability initiatives of their operations. Participants must illustrate at least one action in each of nine sustainability areas which include the following: energy, carbon and other emissions, water, waste and materials management, transportation, supply chain, community and educational outreach, workforce, and governance. Rivion has achieved the level of Green Professional on this first submission as a newly-formed company.

By participating in the Green Masters Program, Rivion is provided with a benchmark of our sustainability operations within our own office, giving us a third-party roadmap to check in with to ensure that our processes continue to meet the sustainability goals we help our clients to achieve every day. Stay tuned to hear more about how we integrate sustainability and wellness initiatives in our new office space, planned for this August.

If you are a Wisconsin business and are interested in participating in the Green Masters Program, please feel free to contact Rivion to learn about our experience and how you may join.

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