Integrating efficiency into your operations is not a one-size-fits-all exercise. There are numerous strategies to pick from, and trying to digest all the emails and online information can quickly get overwhelming. We firmly believe in a holistic approach to building operating efficiency and that efficiency/sustainability should be embedded in standard operating procedures (SOP). Working through the steps noted below should help you cut through the noise and realize the best results from your efforts:

1) Benchmark your operations.

Until you understand where you’re at, it’s difficult to understand what might need improvement.

How Rivion can help:

  • Benchmark energy, water and waste in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • Apply the DOE Building Asset Score tool to assess a building’s energy efficiency based solely on its design, construction and energy systems (complements Portfolio Manager which also reflects how efficiently a building is operated)
  • Complete an operational assessment which includes an energy audit, review of PM program and an audit of other operations areas, e.g., water efficiency, janitorial practices, landscaping practices, sustainable purchasing practices, pest control practices, waste/recycling practices, tenant engagement
  • Perform a LEED assessment (operational assessment to specifically identify a building’s ability to achieve LEED certification).  Assessment could be done under the Existing Building: Operations & Maintenance rating system or under the Core & Shell or New Construction rating systems for buildings that may be scheduled for major renovations that you’d like to reposition.
  • Perform a WELL or Fitwel assessment (assessment of indoor environment)
  • Recommission or retro-commission existing building systems
  • Energy modeling for new construction or major renovation projects

2) Prepare action plans to improve areas of deficiency (including cost estimates).

How Rivion can help:

  • Calculate payback for the conservation measures identified during an energy/operational audit
  • Assist with creation of efficiency/sustainability goals or review/update of existing goals
  • Create operating standards and standard operating policies for each operations area that can be applied to each property type.  These standards could be incorporated into service contract and RFP specs.
  • Review/summarize RFP responses and advise on contractor selection
  • Review building equipment being considered for new/replacement installations and advise on efficiency merits
  • Connect you with product/service providers we’ve worked with on prior projects
  • Work with ownership to update standard lease language to incorporate efficiency-friendly language
  • Deliver education sessions to brokers to educate them on how to better market the more efficient operations of your building vs. your competitors
  • Energy procurement.  We have a relationship with Tradition Energy for energy procurement.

3) Prioritize action items.

How Rivion can help:

  • Work with ownership/building teams to prepare a prioritized action item list taking into consideration goals and budget

4) Prepare an implementation schedule.

How Rivion can help:

  • Work with ownership/building teams to prepare an implementation schedule
  • Assist building teams to incorporate new standards/policies into standard operations

5) Document your building operating policies and procedures for use in training when staff/ownership changes occur.

How Rivion can help:

  • Provide policies and procedures implemented successfully at hundreds of properties.
  • Provide forms to document your building operating plan, systems narrative, sequence of operations and performance tracking.

6) Train, Train, Train the building staff and building occupants to imbed efficiency into your SOP.

How Rivion can help:

  • Deliver building retuning sessions to building staff
  • Deliver education sessions on a variety of sustainability/efficiency topics
  • Create a tenant/occupant education program to help tenants understand how their occupancy impacts building operations

7) Review progress and update goals/action items/schedule.  This is an ongoing process that becomes part of SOP.

How Rivion can help:

  • Work with ownership to create a reporting/monitoring protocol.

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