Once a building takes the BBC pledge and receives their free energy assessment, an operational assessment can be utilized to further identify savings from operational efficiencies and to develop an implementation plan for identified projects.

Rivion, formerly known as Transwestern Sustainability Services, is a sustainability service provider that is a partner to the Better Buildings Challenge (BBC) and is providing qualifying participants with a complimentary initial operational assessment.

The operational assessment starts with a review of the building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) plans, building automation system, and preventive maintenance plan along with their respective schedules. Using the information from the operational review, the Rivion team creates an updated building operating plan, systems narrative, and proper sequence of operations to make the building operate more efficiently. This allows building operators to better understand how their building uses energy and how to reduce waste.

Ultimately, the team combines the findings from the operational assessment with the measures identified during the energy assessment to provide guidance on project implementation and to make sure that the implementation plan aligns with the building’s overall goals. Operational recommendations may include new approaches to handling HVAC schedules, lighting, building controls, and more, with the goal of informing building owners and managers of ways that their building can become more energy efficient and competitive while saving on the bottom line.

Several BBC participants have already taken advantage of free operational assessments and are in the process of implementing new strategies from the no- and low-cost recommendations to larger capital projects to upgrade outdated building systems. Learn more about this and other tools available through the Better Buildings Challenge by visiting our website and consider joining today!

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