Part 1 of our series on Mindful Sustainabilty . . .

Mindful Sustainability

Mindfulness – it’s all the rage.  There are books, articles, and speakers galore to teach us how to be more mindful and present.  There’s no magic here; just get off your computer, tablet, smart phone; or whatever else you hide behind, and take note of the world and people around you and engage with them. (Not until you’ve read this post, of course.)  That’s it, your welcome, drop the mic, I just saved you a lot of money for the books and retreats you won’t have to buy to learn how to engage with the world.  Oh, and pay attention and listen!!! when people are speaking.  So, you are probably asking, what does this have to do with sustainability?  The connection is that sustainability is a lifestyle.  A lifestyle with mindfulness at its core.  The basic premise of sustainability is to live thoughtfully and recognize how your decisions impact the people and world around you.  And that can be applied to all people, all occupations and all industries.  For Rivion, it happens to be in commercial real estate.  We advise owners, managers and occupiers how to apply mindful sustainability to improve building efficiency and create healthier environments.  Let’s talk about how we can help you apply mindful sustainability.


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