One Washingtonian Center

9801 Washington Blvd.
Gaithersburg, MD


One Washingtonian, proudly owned by KBS, originally achieved LEED® Platinum certification under v2008 and in 2016, sought recertification under v2009.


  • Awarded ENERGY STAR® performance rating of 85
  • Reduced indoor water usage by 30% from baseline
  • Reduced potable water usage by 100% by installing a system to reuse water from a storm water retention pond
  • Diverted 5,433 pounds of monthly food waste through a composting program


One Washingtonian Center achieved LEED® Platinum recertification with an overall score of 81.

Building Overview

One Washingtonian Center is a 333,846 Class “A” office building that sought LEED certification.


The foremost challenge dealt with adapting the 20-year-old mechanical systems and technology to meet LEED standards.

Quantifiable Results

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