After more than 2 years of work Rivion is pleased to announce that construction of the William Jefferson Clinton Children’s Center in Port au Prince, Haiti is well underway and has submitted for LEED Version 4 Platinum Certification. Rivion on behalf of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) has overseen the design and construction of the first LEED-certified children’s center in Haiti, due to open in the third quarter of 2017.

The Children’s Center, a Clinton Global Initiative commitment, will be operated by the Foundation Enfant Jesus (FEJ) and will be home to about 65 children and 25 staff. The center will focus on the health and emotional needs of orphaned children and provide a pathway to adoption

According to Al Skodowski, Rivion Principal and former Chair of the USGBC Board “It’s been an incredible experience working on the Children’s Center and I’m pleased we’re so close to completion. Our goal is to show that LEED applies everywhere in the world, including the poorest nations. Our hope is that the Children’s Center will inspire how buildings are built in Haiti and other developing countries.”

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