Better Buildings Challenge – City of Milwaukee –  BBC launched in 2011 through the US Department of Energy (DOE) as a national initiative to improve the energy efficiency of commercial, public, industrial, and residential buildings by at least 20 percent over ten years. The program calls on leaders of U.S. companies, universities, school districts, multifamily organizations, and state and local governments to significantly reduce the energy usage of their buildings and to share the energy reduction strategies they use and the results they achieve.

The City of Milwaukee became a partner in the Better Buildings Challenge in 2012, pledging to reduce the energy use of the city’s building portfolio 20 percent by 2020. In 2015, the city of Milwaukee’s Environmental Collaboration Office received a $750,000 award from DOE to expand the Better Buildings Challenge – Milwaukee (BBC-MKE) program by developing and implementing a comprehensive energy efficiency program for private buildings. The expanded program bundles a streamlined customer experience involving energy benchmarking, energy assessments and determination of next steps with operations and maintenance support, workforce development, technology integration, marketing and awards. Over 3 years, the city and its partners are aiming to impact 200+ buildings, in particular Class B & C commercial buildings, small commercial buildings, and K-12 schools.

Rivion is focused on creating value for our clients in each market we serve, with the goal of transforming the way our industry looks at energy efficiency and sustainability by highlighting the cost savings and operating efficiencies available through such actions. As a fundamental component of our business operating strategy, energy efficiency and sustainability practices are central to our success and, more importantly, to our clients’ success, in addition to demonstrating corporate and social responsibility. Rivion boasts extensive, hands-on experience in all aspects of sustainability and building certification. For us, it’s about materially changing the way a commercial building is operating and maintained, leaving a better building behind.

Rivion is proud to be a program partner in this valuable endeavor. We work with both the building’s operations team to implement efficiency opportunities identified during an energy audit and retune policies and processes to continue to advance efficiency in operations. However, the success of any building operations is dependent on tenant understanding of and implementation of how they can drive efficiency in their leased space. So, we will also educate tenants on how their occupancy impacts building operations.

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